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What is KingstonCare?

KingstonCare is a robust suite of free services that were developed to provide Kingston customers with the reassurance that their business will stay up and running. As an extension of Kingston’s dedication to quality and customer service, KingstonCare offers unique tools backed by the expertise gleaned from more than 32 years of experience in memory.

What does it mean to you?

KingstonCare is an additional guarantee you can offer to your customers when selling Kingston products, on top of your current service agreement with them and without any extra cost. Kingston will reimburse you for service calls directly related to covered Kingston products or send out one of our contracted service providers, if required. The process will be seamless to your customers.


What does KingstonCare offer?

KingstonCare offers support services for Kingston System Specific memory (server, desktop and notebook), Server Premier memory and SSD products to Kingston Technology end users, resellers and service providers, including:

Service reimbursement*
We will cover service charges related to any Kingston System Specific memory (server, desktop and notebook) module, Server Premier memory module or SSD product.

Onsite spares*
To ensure against downtime, we will supply the relevant spare memory inventory to be kept on your site free of charge.

Advance RMA/Cross-ship*
Kingston will ship a replacement System Specific memory module, Server Premier memory module or SSD immediately and directly to the end user.

Data recovery for SSDs*
Kingston’s partnership with Ontrack® provides specialised and market-leading data recovery capabilities for Kingston SSDs. The benefits of this service include evaluation of the SSD and recommendation of the best recovery method, which is carried out by experienced engineers and the delivery of recovered data via courier or secure online transfer.

Dedicated Business Development Manager
To ensure that you have a direct touch point at Kingston, we will have a dedicated contact to help with any questions and support.

Access to Technical Experts
Kingston’s Technical team are available to support your technical needs for memory and storage.

To sign up for KingstonCare please contact us for more information.

KingstonCare - You’re protected.

* Subject to terms and conditions. Contact your Kingston representative for more information.