4 Common SSD Buying Errors That You Must Avoid

4 Common SSD Buying Errors That You Must Avoid

Currently, there are plenty of SSDs in the market. Since they vary in terms of price brackets and features, it can get tricky to choose one, especially if you have to make a decision as a data centre manager. That is why you need to take your time before buying an SSD. For starters, avoid making the following mistakes.

1. Choosing Between Enterprise Grade and Consumer Grade

Non-tech-savvy managers often pick a consumer-grade SSD over an enterprise one. This mainly happens because a consumer-grade product is more affordable. 

However, durability is not the strong point of a consumer-grade SSD.  They are not designed to handle intensive and heavy 24/7 operations that are common within enterprises.

Enterprise SSDs are built to handle enterprise platforms. When an SSD drive is not tested on an enterprise platform, the host system will refuse to recognise it. 

2. Choose the Incorrect Endurance Range

Deciding on your SSD’s endurance range is important because it affects your system’s BOM cost. Some IT environments have greater read or write requirements. For instance, if you have a software system that involves a higher number of read operations and you buy a high-write endurance SSD, then your buying decision was not wise. On a similar note, choosing a read-intensive SSD for a caching or database logging service will not serve you wellas they have write-intensive activities. 

3. Testing With Wrong Scripts

When assessing drives, there are two approaches. First, you can trust the manufacturer i.e., expect the specifications written on the product sheet to work as mentioned. Second, you can use your exact setup and test scripts. The first approach is easy, but the second one is more effective in the long-term.

When you trust the product specification sheet, it is hard to figure out how the manufacturer tested SSD drives to come up with the specified average or peak performance figures. Therefore, it is recommended to test SSDs and evaluate whether they meet your specific benchmarks. 

4. Not Considering the Well-Known Brands

Brand name matters a lot when buying enterprise-grade products. Well-known resellers, such as Buy Kingston, have a dedicated customer service department. Their friendly representative can help you get the best SSD for your company use. In some cases, you may also receive dedicated engineering level support. 

For example, buying an SSD from Buy Kingston will offer unparalleled benefits in terms of performance, durability, and extensive support. This way, you can quickly address your issues and prevent supply issues that occur when a drive is discontinued. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the common SSD buying errors, you have to look for a reliable hardware seller. Contact Buy Kingston right now and get your hands on a high-quality SSD.