Why Go for The 16GBit DDR4 RAM?

Why Go for The 16GBit DDR4 RAM?

Are you looking to build new computer systems for your office? Here is something you should consider before choosing their RAMs. 

In late 2019, the DRAM semiconductor industry introduced the latest generation high-density DRAM for DDR4. The newer chips stand out because of their wafer lithography, trimmed below 20 nanometres. As a result, DRM has transitioned to 16Gbit density (from 8Gbit), which has resulted in expanded capacities for each module. Now, the total chips needed to meet the previous capacities have been halved. 

Fewer components and nascent wafer technologies on a memory module have minimized power consumption for different types of devices. The benefits of this development have been countless: laptops will receive increased battery life, and data centres and desktops-related costs in offices and homes will drop significantly. Experts believe that this breakthrough will provide a much-needed boost to 5G networks, edge data centres, cloud computing, and other in-demand technologies.

Is This An End of 8Gbit?

The latest development means that manufacturers will ultimately phase out 8Gbit RAM as they turn their focus to 16Gbit RAM. Therefore, it is essential to upgrade your system accordingly. You can go for the best Kingston ram upgrades from Buy Kingston.

As a Kingston reseller, Buy Kingston intends to sell 8Gbit RAM for as long as they are available. We prioritize client satisfaction, and for that, we will continue to support your legacy systems for as long as we can. 

 Whether you are building an IT infrastructure for your organization or setting up a PC for your home, system lifespan is a key consideration. That is why we recommend you get components that support 16Gbit DRAM. Send us a message to get a high-quality 16Gbit RAM.

By doing this, you can make sure that your system can be upgraded easily. Here is what you get in return:

  • Increase the density for RAM capacity by twice
  • Minimize power consumption
  • Save money for data centres
  • Create efficient applications and systems

So, what are the new RAM capacities? Let’s take a look:

Memory Type8GBit16Gbit

Is the New RAM Compatible with the Existing Hardware? 

Keep in mind that the newer DRM is not compatible with all systems. Most existing chipsets, such as Intel 9th gen and AMD Ryzen, support it. However, older micro architectures may or may not be compatible with it. 


The Purley with Cascade Lake (Xeon x2xx Series) supports 16Gbit RAM. However, the Purley with Skylake (Xeon x1xx Series) does not support it. 

Legacy Intel Systems

If you have an Intel system that precedes the 9th generation, view your motherboard or system manufacturer for the latest BIOS and find if the 16Gbit RAM can be used.

AMD Platforms

From mobiles to PCs to servers, AMD platforms provide uniform support for 16Gbit modules. Still, you may have to make some tweaks and update your BIOS, depending on your make and model. Review your motherboard or system manufacturer details for more information. 

Do you want to make sure your systems run reliably for a long time? Get in touch with Buy Kingston and get high-quality DDR4 rams. For starters, you can go with this one.